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Posted by Javvad Azam


We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for helping us grow,  and be in a position where today we can finally launch our website and social media pages. 

We would like to share our journey so far with you, as without you all it probably wouldn't have been possible. We had numerous enquiries regarding our website and social media pages, so here we are. 

We have finally launched our Website – and offering everyone a 15% discount throughout May. The promotion code is yoursecretgift15 and this could be used multiple times throughout May. I hope you like our prints, website and continue to be part of our evolution.

When children are very young they express creativity, but by the end of the first grade very few do so. This is because of socialization. They learn in school to stay on task, to stop daydreaming and asking silly questions. As a result, the expression of new ideas is largely shut down. Creativity is short lived however there is an artist in all of us even if its been hiding somewhere. 

Through our creative prints and illustrations, we would love to join you in bringing that artist out. Together we will help you build your very own creative prints for your family and friends. 

How exciting would it be to be that creative child again? far away from the worries of the world and create something exciting and memorable that others would be amazed about? This is what we would like to offer through our creative prints.

My wife and I started our journey with just wedding prints and baby shower games, this soon developed into personalised and creative prints. I spent quite some time researching on the industry and other people’s very creative and amazing prints. Some of them caught my attention, as I have a young family with two children and I could see us in those prints. This motivated me to create something unique from the ideas I gathered through my research.

Our next stage was to create something interesting for my family, like taking the family wellie print or family monkey print and make it our own.  Over a span of six months we have created quite a few illustrations, what’s great is each template offers you the opportunity to customise to suit your personalities with our unique pets & props. Obviously this was not without its hurdles due to copyright issues and infringement rights. We've had to be very careful with these and make sure we are not hopping on other artist’s work.

One more thing that really surprised me when doing the research was the prices. Prices seemed extortionate and not affordable. This was a huge sticking point for me when I was ordering some prints for my family, and although I loved the art this pricing barrier restricted me to order any. We wanted art to be affordable, accessible and bring out the creators in others and ourselves as we need to preserve art from getting redundant. I will discuss this in more details in our next blog.

We will be uploading some personalised prints on our Facebook and Instagram. Please visit us if you’d like to share the digital print with the rest of your friends, or simply download the Image for your screensaver ;) Please tag us into any pictures of our gifts and use #yoursecretgift to help us build a stronger platform.

By Javvad Azam


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